Welcome to Quantum Information and Quantum Computing Lab at Seoul National University. 

The goal of quantum information science is to solve technical challenges inherent in the current paradigm of the information technology by utilizing counter-intuitive phenomena such as superposition and entanglement which are unique to quantum systems. Ironically the entire world is composed of atoms whose behavior is completely governed by quantum mechanics, but most of the information technology is based on the idea which is compatible with classical mechanics.  Therefore there is a gap between what is possible in the world and what can be done with the current information technology, and we want to fill that gap by engineering quantum systems.

Quantum information science generally covers various topics of research area, and Quantum Information and Quantum Computing Lab at SNU is currently focused on hardware development of quantum computer and quantum repeater based on ion trap system and application of quantum algorithms and quantum protocols to real quantum system. For more information, please visit our research page.

Positions available

We are always looking for motivated students and postdoctoral researchers who are interested in quantum information research. If you are interested in working at Quantum Information and Quantum Computing Lab, please contact Prof. Taehyun Kim (taehyun@snu.ac.kr) for more information.

Contact Information

                        Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University

                        1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826, South Korea (ROK)